20pcs Garden White Flower Mock Orange Seeds Philadelphus Incanus Plant

20pcs Garden White Flower Mock Orange SeedsMock Orange is a deciduous shrub that blooms profusely for weeks, becoming covered in large, sweetly fragranced flowers. The cup shaped white flowers measure 1 ½" wide and have an intoxicating sweet citrus fragrance, earning them their common name. The flowers are wonderful for cutting, and are commonly found in bridal bouquets.Description:Scientific name: Philadelphus Incanus KoehneFlower color: WhitePlant seed: outdoors after frost, indoors weeks before last frost, cold stratifyBloom time: late spring-early summerLight requirements: sun, part shadeSoil & water preferences: averageCultivation techniques:1. Can grow in a variety of conditions such as sun or part shade, varying soil conditions, or in containers.2. No need to additional water or prun, although they can be pruned if you desire.3. Grow quickly, and are dense enough to form an informal privacy hedge.Package Included:20 X mock orange seeds