Real 2.0 with Four Independent Switch Usb Hub Platooninsert Hub Line

Descriptions:A new design, more avant-garde fashion. High-speed USB 2.0 4 port HUB,the outward appearance design is very beautiful, beautiful and practical. This product volume small,easy to carry.Specifications:*Interface:4*Transfer rate:200*Interface:usb*Speed:2.0*USB2.0 high-speed chip*Item Name:high-speed USB2.0 4 mouth with separate switch Usb HUB*Standard USB port*Adopt a unified market USB interface,plug and play,convenient and simple*Working indicator light:blue*Working humidity:10% to 90%*Working voltage:5 v*Working current:500 ma*Working temperature:- 20 c - 75 c*Storage temperature:- 40 c - 85 c*Chip:real high-speed chips.(with 500 g mobile hard disk)*Support system: Windows 95/98 / ME/XP/Vista / 95/98 Mac OS 8.1 or above (under Windows 95/98 system need to install driver)Features:*JS - A1 use four interfaces, each interface power supply 500 ma,the highest support 1 TB hard disk*JS - A1 use the real import 2.0 high-speed chip,plug and play,support a variety of USB devices*JS - A1 for each interface thoughtful joined the independent control switch and indicator light*JS - A1 deep and remote blue lighting design*Switch is closed,the light will go out,means that the interface to stop working,simple and convenient*Line length 50 cm, high-speed interface,up to 480 MBPS,and backward compatibility standard specifications*Equipped with four groups of the USB hole with hotplug current protection function, support overload voltage and instantaneous electric current protection function, the use of safe and convenientPackage Included:1 x Four Independent Switch Usb HubMore Details: