Tarot 450 Size Heavy Duty Helicopter Carry Bag Dual 450 TL2722

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Tarot 450 Size Heavy Duty Helicopter Carry Bag Dual 450 TL2722Description:Size: 27x27x80cmWeight: About 1112gTarot 450 Size Carry Bag is suitable for Tarot 450 series models. It Can hold 2 pcs 450 empty machine, designed for the sections of the Tarot 450 Series models tailored special bag, using advanced waterproof canvas material, the inner cladding Jane sandwich Pearl cotton, crash foam cushioning, coupled with thick bottom, 5MM thickness of the fabric as a whole to achieve this section Advanced Hand Bags of different products in the past, very suitable for field use, can provide excellent protection for the helicopter. We also have Tarot 550 Carry Bag.Tarot 450 Size Carry Bag will provide better results with the following products:1.Portable remote control protective bags: for various remote control, intimate Velcro design, can be fixed In the handbag.2.Lithium battery protection bag: can accommodate multiple satellites lithium battery, intimate Velcro design, can be fixed at hand Bags inside.3.Thick-shaped tool bag: suitable for mounting various types of flight supplies and tools, accessible and convenient.Note:Before placing the helicopter, make sure you have turned off the helicopter and remote control power, in order to avoid inadvertently made Into unnecessary accidents losses.Package Includes:1 x TAROT 450 bag