3pcs 50mm 1/4 Inch Magnetic Square Head Screwdriver Bits

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Those Square Head Screwdriver Bits are made of S2 alloy steel which is a commonly used material in hardware.
Magnetic bits are firmly fixed on screwdrivers.
3 sizes a set at an affordable price can meet your requirements.
SpecificationsBrand: JAPAN SEALS
Materials: S2 alloy steelType of shank: 6.35mm / 0.25 inchhex Net weight: (approx.) 35g
 No. Size of head (mm) Lgth.(mm)
S1 2.4*2.4 50 / 2 in.
S2 3.0*3.0 50 / 2 in.
S3 3.4*3.4 50 / 2 in.
Those bits are magnetic that can be firmly fixed on screwdrivers, fitting for electric screwdrivers, hand screwdrivers, electric drills, air drills and so forth.
Please allow a bit manual measuring errors.

Package included
1 x 2.4*2.4mm S1 Square Head Screwdriver Bit
1 x 3.0*3.0mm S2 Square Head Screwdriver Bit1 x 3.4*3.4mm S3 Square Head Screwdriver BitS1:S2:S3: