Tarot DFC Parts Hitec65mg Fragile Servo Arm TL2258-2

Tarot DFC Parts TL2258-2 Hitec65mg Fragile Servo Arm TL2258-2Description:Brand: TarotProduct Code: TL2258-2Weight: 0.02 kgDFC models for increasing the thickness, so that the product can achieve the requirements of the fragile and can accommodate thrust DFC rotor head.Hitec 65MG DFC shall apply to the fragile steering arm. Original steering arm is too strong, resulting in highly bombingSweep teeth, the section modified rudder arm using a helicopter designed specifically for holes, can not be deformed when the normal flightIn the bombing of the instant disconnect, remove the potential impact on the rotor head metal parts and steering gear protection.Package Includes:8 x Servo Arms