RS232 SP3232 Serial Port To TTL RS232 to TTL Serial Module With Brush Line 3V To 5.5V

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Instructions for Use: 
(here to access MCU illustrate how to connect each PIN)
VCC: pick 3V-5.5V
GND: Connect to GND
RxOUT: pick MCU.RX (signal flow: MCU.RX << SP3232 << PC.TX)
TxIN: pick MCU.TX (signal flow: MCU.TX >> SP3232 >> PC.RX)
CTS: pick MCU.CTS (signal flow: MCU.CTS << SP3232 << PC.RTS)
RTS: pick MCU.RTS (signal flow: MCU.RTS >> SP3232 >> PC.CTS)
The interface module has a degree of unity, they are also considered in the design of the main control board with the Open series compatibility, and thus has superior portability.
Package Included:
1 x RS232 Serial Module