Excellway ET25 15Pcs 2/3/5 Pins Spring Terminals Block Electric Cable Wire Connectors

Brand: Excellway 
Model: ET25
Material: Plastic
Color: Grey and orange
Shape: Rectangle
Interface Type: AC / DC
Current: 32 A
Voltage: 250V/4KV
Quantity: 15pcs
2 Pin: Approx. 20x14x12mm/0.78"x0.55"x0.47", (5Pcs)
3 Pin: Approx. 20x16x14mm/0.78"x0.62"x0.55", (5Pcs)
5 Pin: Approx. 27x20x14mm/1.06"x0.78"x0.55", (5Pcs)
-Wire connector.
-No wire loose, the risk of crisp tape, transparent and safe to see.
-With a test hole, measuring voltage, without removing the tape.
-Direct plug, insert the wrong can be pulled out, re-connected.
-Each contact point at the film independent, wire diameter can also be different, safe short-circuit.
-Suitable for 0.08-2.5(4.0)mm² Hard conductors and soft conductors.
Package included:
5x 2 pin wire connectors
5x 3 pin wire connectors
5x 5 pin wire connectors