FPV 32Bit G3 M8N NAZA GPS for DJI NAZA LITE V1 V2 FPV RC Airplane Flight Controller

FPV 32Bit G3 M8N NAZA GPS for DJI NAZA LITE V1 V2 FPV RC AirplaneDescription:Item number: G3 GPS
G3 weight: 26G
Shell diameter: 55MM
* Compatible NAZA-M NAZA-H NAZA Lite NAZA V1 NAZA V2 Phantom 1 Phantom 2 Phantom 2+
* 32-bit microcontroller processing data, better performance and stability 8-bit microcontroller (NAZA flight control is also used in all 32-bit microcontroller)
* Built-in electronic compass with temperature compensation, automatic offset compensation
* The M8N, GPS and GLONASS dual-mode modules are used.
* G3 weight: 26G, shell diameter: 55MM
* The bottom of the G3 uses a shielded tin-paper metal tag, which can effectively reduce the interference from the GPS source below the GPS bottom.
The first thing when receiving the goods is to calibrate the electronic compass on the plane. This is very important
The direction of the top arrow of the GPS is the direction of the head. Please pay attention to the installation.
Calibration method:
Connect the GPS to the flight controller, then switch the mode switch of the remote controller 7-10 times continuously. At this time, the LED of the NAZA is steady orange and it does not blink. Rotate the aircraft horizontally for one lap. At this time, the LED is steady green and does not flash. , Then the head rotates the aircraft downwards for 1 lap. At this time, the LED flashes when it is normal standby. Repeat the above steps if the calibration is not successful.
Package Included:
1 * G3 GPS