DC 10-55V 60A PWM Motor Speed Controller LED Display CW CCW Revesible Switch

1.Model: EQ89
2. Input voltage: DC10-55V (equal to the rated voltage of the motor)
3. Maximum current: 60A
4. Continuous current: 40A
5. Speed regulation mode: Potentiometer(100K/with switch function)
6. Speed regulation type: Regulating current
7. Support motor: DC brushed
8. Forward and reverse rotation: Support
9. Speed range: 0 - 100%
10. Cooling fan: brushless fan
11. Wiring type: terminal
12. Reversible switch: CW/CCW
13. Wiring type: fence terminal block
14. Weight: 309g
15. Size: 125*90*45mm
- 40A high power CW CCW Reversible speed controller
- Support large current start, protection for motor stall
- Built-in heat dissipating fan, not easy to fever
- Digital LED display of 0-100% speed percentage 
Package include
1x Motor Speed Controller
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