ARC-420S 220V Welding Machine IGBT Inverter DC Electric Welding Tools

1.Advanced inverter technology, simple circuit, small size, light weight, energy efficient.
2.Super power grid compensation capacity, anti-supply voltage fluctuation, stable welding current, reliable performance.
3.No-load power consumption, compared with traditional welding machine, saving 50%.
4.Suitable for welding low carbon steel, carbon steel and alloy steel and all colored black metal, can obtain high-quality welding.
1.Model: ARC-420S
2.Input power voltage frequency: 220V 50/60Hz
3.Output current range: 0-420A
4.Duty cycle: 80%
5.No-load voltage: 65±5V6.Welding wire diameter: 1.6-4.2mm
7.Protection grade: IP21
8.Size: 320*195*140mm
9.Weight: 5659G
Package included:
1x Welding machine
1x Manual
1x Welding clip
1x Welding mask
1x Brush hammer
1x Welding tongs
1x Cable