Microzone MC 2-4S 40A Brushless ESC With 5V/2A BEC For RC Model

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Microzone MC 2-4S 40A Brushless ESC With 5V/2A BEC For RC ModelDescription:Brand name: MicrozonItem name: 40A Brusheless ESC
Output capacity: continuous current 40A, instantaneous current 52A (not less than 10 seconds);
Power input: 2-3 cells lipo batteries
BEC output: 5V @ 2A (linear mode)
Refresh rate: 50Hz-432Hz;
Size: 50mm (length) * 30mm (width) * 10mm (height);
Weight: 38g;
Safe power-on function: When the power is turned on, the motor will not start immediately no matter the throttle rocker is in any position, to avoid personal injuries;
No throttle stroke adjustment.
Program setting items: Can be set into a brake or no brake mode by remote control throttle rocker.
 ● Factory is no brake mode.
 ● Brake mode setting: Remote control starts, the throttle is maximal, the electric power is turned on and meanwhile sends a quick "beep" alarm sound, the throttle beeps the lowest to hear the "beep" alarm sound, and the braking mode setting is completed;
 ● Brake settings: no brake / brake;
 ● battery type: lithium battery;
 ● Low-voltage protection mode: soft-off / hard-off;
 ● Low voltage protection threshold: low / medium / high; adaptive;
 ● start-up mode: soft;
 ● Progressive: low / medium / high; comprehensive protection features:
 ● Undervoltage protection: When the battery voltage is lower than the protection threshold, the ESC will automatically reduces the output power;
 ● Over-voltage protection: Iwill not start when the input voltage exceeds the input range, automatic protection, at the same time issued a rapid "beep" alarm sound;
 ● Overheat protection: built-in temperature detection circuit, the ESC automatically reduce the output power when the temperature is too high;
 ● Remote signal loss protection: Reduce power 1 second after the loss of remote control signal, then turn off the output if no remote control signal for 2 seconds.
 ● ESC performance is better when use together with MC transmitter.Features:
* Import IR MOS tube and ST chip to maintain product stability
* Linear power supply design to ensure stable BEC power supply.
* Intelligent software settings, without calibration, can be used directly after powered on.
* Good thermal silica film and aluminum, to ensure that the cooling effect; And overheating protection, to maintain the good use of the product.
Pacakge Included:1X Microzone MC 2-4S 40A Brushless ESC