4 Relay Shield Uno Module 400mA 6-12V For Motors Pumps RobotDyn for Arduino - products that work with official Arduino boards

Compatible with the form factor, Rev3
4 relays and the control channel
LED indication for relay
Selecting any of the digital pins D0-D13 to control relays
Full decoupling circuits of the controller and relay control via optocouplers
Options relay: Load AC-240V / 10A, DC-60V / 10A
Current consumption: 6-12V / 400mA
We have improved the shield for greater security:
1. We placed the relays and the terminals themselves outside the area of board
2. We optocoupler (4-channel optocoupler TLP521-4) for isolation the relays from microcontroller, now the circuit and signal outputs are not switching relay itself.
3. The tracks connecting the relay board and terminals have an additional layer of solder to withstand high loads.
For flexibility in the use of I/O of the , relay control channels can be connected to any  D0-D13 , with jumpers (Wire jumper). It means you are not tied to any I/O.
Package includes:
1 x 4 Relay Shield Uno Module