3pcs GY-6H Y6H 12V 24V 36V 48V Lead Acid Battery 2-15S Lithium Battery Universal Adjustable 6-75V Green Screen Waterproof LCD Capacity Display Board Indicator Digital Voltmeter

Suitable for the following batteries:Lead acid: 12V 24V 36V 48VLithium battery: 2 strings, 3 strings, 4 strings, 5 strings, 6 strings, 7 strings....13 strings, 14 strings, 15 stringsThis product uses LCD display, the LCD capacity consumption is 70% lower than the conventional digital tube, and the display is clear.Ultra wide voltage input, 63V high voltage input still can work smoothly.Voltage range: 6-75VCurrent: 3-4mAAmbient temperature -10-50℃Voltage measurement error 1%Size: 61.3 x 33.3 x 13.5 mmPackage included:3 x LCD capacity meter