AD835 Multiplier Module Mixer Broadband Modem 4-Quadrant Multiplier DC-250MHZ Frequency

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Features: AD835 is a first single-chip 250 MHz four-quadrant voltage output analog multiplier, a full-scale (1 V to +1 V) rising to falling time of 2.5 ns (using 150 Ω standard RL), 0.1% up time is typically 20 ns. Its differential multiplication inputs x and y, z are the adding input high input impedance (100 kΩ || 2 pF). W low impedance output voltage can provide ± 2.5v voltage and output load driven a minimum of 25Ω. The product of a very low noise AD835 chip (50 nV / √Hz), far better than earlier products. AD835 only has outstanding speed performance, and easy to use, feature-rich. The main application areas: high-speed multiplication, division, squaring; broadband modulation and demodulation; phase detection and measurement; sine wave frequency doubling; video gain control and keying; voltage-controlled amplifiers and filters, with  shielding shell and anti-reverse protection diode.Technical indicators:1, power supply voltage: + - 5V DC (typical current 5mA)2, the operating frequency: DC-250MHZ; input and output impedance: 50 ohms; input signal range: + - 1VPP3, the multiplier formula: W = (X1-X2) * (Y1-Y2) + ZDifferent application configurations:Since the AD835 is four-quadrant analog multiplier, the formula is: W = (X1-X2) * (Y1-Y2) + Z;X2, there are two choices: short circuit J2, J1 is disconnected when X2 = 0; short circuit J1, J2 disconnected when X2 = RP1 potentiometer tuned voltage value, in this case the signal can be subtracted by X1-X2 X2 contained in the DC signal DC component can also be added as X2 signal;Y2 has two choices: short circuit J7, disconnect J4 when Y2 = 0; short circuit J4, J7 disconnected when Y2 = RP3 potentiometer tuned voltage value, in this case can be subtracted signal Y2 Y1-Y2 contained in the DC signal DC component can also be added as a Y2 signal;Z signal input has three modes: short circuit J5, J3 J6 disconnected when, Z Z signal is input from the outside; short circuit J3, J5 J6 disconnected when, Z is RP2 unit is tuned by the voltage value; short circuit J6, disconnect J5 J3, Z signal is = 0 .Default: X2=Y2=Z2=0.Application:1, high-speed multiplication, division, squaring2, broadband modulation and demodulation3, phase detection and measurement4, the sine wave frequency doubling5, the video gain control and keying6, programmable voltage-controlled amplifiers and filtersPackage included: 1 x AD835 Multiplier Module