AC220V Auto Power On Off Microwave Radar Body Delay Sensor Switch for LED Light

Specification:Voltage:AC220V 50HzLoad wattage:incandescent lamp≤400W, energy saving lamp≤300W, LED light≤100WSensor range:360Sensor distance:3-9M Feature:1. According to the doppler effect, the activities of the surrounding environment sensor body.2. When a person or object enters the sensing range of activities, the switch will automatically energized until a stationary state or leave the range states, auto power off.3. With light control function, by default only work at night or under low light, normal (daylight or ambient light is relatively strong test case does not work properly, please note.)4. Partially penetrate non-metallic materials induction. Such as glass, wood, plastic. Less than 15cm may also penetrate walls induction Note:1. Prohibits live installation is prohibited shorted load. (Do not live adjustment switch will cause damage to your peril)2. Prohibits the use of ultra-load power.3. When the wall thickness is less than 15cm, the wall switch may react.4. In the induction area, do not affect the detection of objects or obstacles stop the movement, do not have electromagnetic interference from other devices.5. Do not object to the volatile as the installation base.6.Initially powered on, the sensor will automatically switch point lights. Ensure free movement within the sensing range of objects, one cycle after the switch is open, light control automatic recovery, if there is activity around the object, the switch will always remain on.7. Between the two switches if no obstacles or obstructions are easily penetrate the material (such as glass, wood, etc.), keep the distance between the switch more than 5 meters, too close between the two switches interfere with each other. Packageincluded:1*microwave radar body sensor switch