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Soloop 385pcs Combination NylonTerminal Heat Shrinkable Tube With Stickers

SpecificationWire connector: PVCHeat shrink tube: PolyolefinBox Size: 260mm*160mmFeatures- An assorted box which contains the most popular wire terminal connectors and heat shrink Tube. Ideal for garages,auto electricians,mechanics,workshops etc...Suitable for cars,vans,motor homes etc.- Complete with re-sealable and compact storage case.- Packed a compact,re-sealable and partitioned plastic case for easy storage and access.Package Include125PCS Nylon Wire Connectors as follow:(Quantity X ColorX Model X Terminal Size&Type)10X RedXKN1.25 Quick Splice Wire Connector10X RedXFDFN1.25-250 Nylon Spade Female 250 (Fully Insulated)20X RedXMDFN1.25-250 Nylon Spade Male 250 (Fully Insulated)10X RedXBNYF1.25 Nylon Butt Splice10X BlueXKN2 Quick Splice Wire Connector10X BlueXFDFN2-250 Nylon Spade Female 250 (Fully Insulated)20X BlueXMDFN2-250 Nylon Spade Male 250 (Fully Insulated)10X BlueXBNYF2 Nylon Butt Splice10X YellowXFDFN5.5-250 Nylon Spade Female 250 (Fully Insulated)10X YellowXMDFN5.5-250 Nylon Spade Male 250 (Fully Insulated)5X YellowXBNYF5.5 Butt Splice Connectors (Fully Insulated)260PCS Heat Shrink Tube as follow::(Quantity X Model X Terminal Size&Type-Color)60pcs x 1.0 x 40mm -Yellow60pcs x 2.0 x 40mm -Blue30pcs x 3.0 x 40mm -Green30pcs x 4.0mm x 40mm -Red30pcs x 6.0mm x 40mm -Yellow20pcs x 8.0mm x 80mm -Red15pcs x 10.0mm x 80mm -Green15pcs x 13.0mm x 80mm -Blue