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21Pcs TIG Welding Torch Stubby Gas Lens Kit WT20 for Tig WP-17/18/26 Series

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-Electrode clip for the copper material, a very small amount of impurities, especially phosphorus, arsenic, aluminum, etc., will greatly reduce the copper conductivity.
-Gas Lens Insulator mainly from the sealing effect, to prevent the leakage of argon or air into the welding torch.
-JL-50 is a carbon steel argon arc welding wire, with excellent plasticity, toughness and crack resistance, especially low temperature impact toughness higher. Uses: for a variety of locations of the pipeline TIG welding arc welding and arc welding, can be satisfied with the welding joints. Can be welded carbon steel and some low alloy steel.
-Nozzles made of high quality ceramic, smooth surface, high temperature. 
Fit For: Tig WP-17/18/26 Series
Color: As pictures
Type: Welding accessories
Applicable Scope: TIG
Tungsten Needle Clip: 1.0-0.040,1.6-1/16,2.4-3/32,3.2-1/8 
Package Included: 
3 x TIG Back Caps
4 x 10N Collet
4 x 17GL Collet Body
1 x Gas Lens Insulator
5 x 53N Nozzles
4 x Tungsten ElectrodesDetail Pictures: