Creative Multifunction Hexagram Jar Opener Professional Built-in Ergonomic Manual Can Opener

Description:Creative Multifunction Hexagram Jar Opener  Professional Built-in Ergonomic Manual Can Opener
This can opener makes opening cans easier with built-in anti-skid sawtooth and silica gel, You can stick it under the ambry or table.
Easy and convenient for you to open different kinds of can cover with the blade and gear, much more advanced than traditional canopeners save your strength and time to open can covers. 
The open incision is smooth without uneven or cut, you will not be afraid of the cuts hurting your fingers and you can still close thecover when you don't finish the food in the can. Suitable to use it in kitchen, cafe, restaurant and shopsSpecifications:
Material: ABS+Silicone
Jar Opener Size: Show as picture
Shape: Hexagram
Colour: Green / Pink / Blue
Package include:1 x Jar Opener