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CM360A 100W 200-480 Degree Solder Pot Soldering Desoldering Stainless Steel Plate

Solder Pot Soldering Desoldering Stainless Steel Plate CM360A 100W 200-480℃
1. The furnace electronic thermostat board, is part of the imported components production, tin stove is made of stainless steel plate,can be adjusted according to the requirements selected temperature.2. Use, easy maintenance, thermal effects, tin melting fast.3. Parts easy to replace.
Power: 100WInput Vlotage: 220VACTemperature: 200-480 ℃Melting Time: approx 8minCapacity: 250gPot Diameter: 38mmTin pot Material: stainless steel plateSize: approx 15 x 9.8 x 6cm (as the picture shown)Cable length: approx 95cmNet Weight: 308gCaution:1. Input voltage: AC220V 50HZ2. Be sure to ground before use, prohibit not receive "ground" work.3. Starting with when the knob in the upscale, to be repatriated from the tin melting temperature required files, reasonable working temperature of the water tin 300 ℃ -350 ℃ (about 4-9 files).4. Tin water temperature is not too high, otherwise the cause of human aging tin pot, tin water, black or yellow, if acidic large flux, solderpot at ultra-high temperature corrosion perforation drain faster action tin.5. The power must be turned off before leaving, to avoid accidents.
Package includes: 
1 x Desoldering Stainless Steel Plate