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ORVIBO Alarm Mini WiFi Smart Motion Sensor PIR Home System Remote Control

Description :  ORVIBO Alarm Mini WiFi Smart Motion Sensor PIR Home Remote Control System This ORVIBO motion sensor is based on the human infrared spectrum detection technology.The sensor detects human or pet activitie by sensing the infrared heat from the human or pet body.When used with Smart Hub and "HomeMate" app, it can be operates as home a security systme with customizable equipment linkage function.The sensor is a bettery-powered. If it's low battery, the LED of the sensor will blink once every 3 seconds.Then at this time battery is also available for the sensor and current status queries by APP.
Warm Note :  
Please notice that this smart  body sensor can not use alone, please make sure that you have ORVIBO ZigBee Hub, you can find at ID :. (Click here)
One Orvibo ZigBee Hub host can manage up to 50 Orvibo sensors, you can use the other ORVIBO ZigBee sensor to DIY the smart home system you want.
you can find it's brother ORVIBO door/window sensor at ID : . (Click here)
And one set of this Orvibo smart home kit is more substantial, you can find it in Product ID: . (Click here)
Make IFTTT connection with other ORVIBO Smart Control System Accessories : find them in the bundle of ORVIBO ZigBee Hub. :)
Specification :  
Power Supply 2AA batteries
Standby current  ≤50uA
Alarm current ≤50mA
Communication Protoco ZigBee HA
Working frequency 2.4GHz(Can't Support 5GHz WIFI)
Wireless standard IEEE 802.15.4
Modulation mode OQPSK
Encryption AES-128
Communication speed 250 Kbps
Transmission power ≤4.5dBm
Receiver sensitivity ≥=90dBm
Detaction range 120 degrees horizontally
Detection distance 7m
Communication distance 80m(in open area)
Casing material PC+ABS
Operating environment -10-50℃
Operating humidity 10%-90% RH
Dimension 52.6 x 63mm
Package Includes :  1 x ORVIBO Motion Sensor1 x ORVIBO Sensor Bracket1 x Setting Screws Pack1 x Engligh User Manual1 x Warranty Card1 x AA Battery 
- Motion Sensor -
Work with Zigbee Mini Hub, Detect the movement of the human body
- Zigbee HA Standard agreement | Intelligent linkage | 10s fast response - 
- A plurality of sensors for use with the human body, each room can be perceived at home- 
- When the night falls, automatically turn on the night light -
How to achieve: the human body sensor mounted in the bed, set the phone body
sensor linkage intelIigent or smart switch lights automatically turn on night light.
- Set a timer to turn off air conditioning/ TV -
How to achieve: the human body sensor is installed in the living room, phone settings to human interaction
intelligent infrared sensor transponders, after detecting a period of time to
leave the living room automatically turn off air conditioning / TV.
- Leave home alert reminders, someone broke into, open video -
How to achieve: phone settings and turn away mode. The human body sensor or door sensor detects
abnormality, push reminders to your phone, and start recording by linkage camera.
- Many ways to use the human body sensors for a variety of home environment -
The human body sensor with mounting bracket can be mounted in suspension height, and freely adjust the angle.
The human body sensor effective detection area of 120 8m.
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